Saturday, August 14, 2010

Inside of University Housing

I recently visited a friend of mine who is a university student here in Ho Chi Minh City.  I took some pictures of the house so that people might have an idea of what the living space is like.  In the picture you can see a ladder leading up to a flat sleeping area that covers the study area (the desk) and the bathroom (the open door).  Clothes are kept above the mini refrigerator and cooking is done in the sitting space (area from where picture is taken).  These entire apartments would fit inside of the bedrooms of most American houses.

See an older post on Saigon student housing.

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  1. AV, I swear I'm not looking over your shoulder, but you got me thinking about the Uni thing again and I wrote a posting here:

    Hope you don't mind me making reference to your blog!


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