Monday, August 9, 2010

University Housing

Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City is located in the Thu Duc district of Saigon. VNU-HCM has over 50,000 students and a campus that is the largest university in Vietnam.  Degrees are offered for technology, natural sciences, social and humanity sciences, literature, foreign languages, and business.  The degrees normally take 4 years to complete and the curriculum is structured similar to the curriculum in the States.  However, the student housing is a bit different than the housing in the states.  Below is some of the university run off-campus student apartments.

The entrance to one of the student housing areas.  Notice that there are no lights- I imagine it is scary at night time...

In front of the housing is a very natural green space.  The grass (?) was over 1 meter tall and the entire housing area was surrounded by trees, grass, and shrubs.

The housing is located 5 minutes from the university so the location is very convenient.  The only drawback is the general sketchiness of the place.  If I were studying at the National University in Saigon I would definitely look for other options.  I am told that the dormitories on campus are nicer.  Hopefully I will have a chance to check them out soon and post some info about them as well.


  1. I was invited to our friend's Uni student accommodation in Da Lat. Each room/apartment was 2.5 metres squared, if lucky. Inside was a high set double bed with a ladder leading up to it, like a giant upper bunk bed. Cothes and TV etc. were also kept up on the bed level. Underneath the bed was a closed in bathroom which even I would have had to stoop to walk into, and to the other side, a cooking area. To the front of the room was a table and chairs....2.5 metres square and in some cases shared by two people.

    We shared in cooking and eating a meal, eight of us in total squished in together and it was one of the best nights encountered on our travels.

  2. Snap- It sounds like Vietnam. i'm glad you could enjoy your 8+ people sleeping setup. People here are quite resourceful :)

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