Monday, July 12, 2010

Airplane Cafe in Saigon

There is a neat coffee shop in Saigon near the airport that has an retired Boeing airplane parked at it.  It is very unique; I would imagine it is the only coffee shop in the world that has a Boeing, and is very impressive to see in person.

Body of Boeing Airplane at Scenic Cafe in Saigon

The cafe is much larger than the pictures suggest; after all it is a full size jet airplane that they have parked here.  Customers can enjoy a Vietnamese style drip coffee while in the shade of the Boeing's massive wings. Cool place!

Wing of Boeing Airplane at Scenic Cafe in Saigon


  1. Oh hey!! You should have told me earlier... I would have definitely visit this place! lol! ;P
    Aww... ok, maybe next time... Hmm...

  2. Do you have an exact address for the cafe?

  3. Yes I have the address - Just go to and copy and paste the following longitude and latitude into the search box:
    (10.810143381019161, 106.67003631591797)
    You can even see the airplane on the map in the satellite mode :)

  4. That makes a unique coffee shop. I live here for a couple months now and never heard of this place. Will check it out. Thanks for the posts, man.

  5. I wish I knew about this earlier! It seems really unique! Having said that it's near to the airport, it's a bummer how could miss this. Thanks for sharing! :)


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