Monday, July 12, 2010

Snake Wine in Vietnam

Here in Vietnam people have an interesting fascination with putting random animals/animal parts in their traditional wine (read liquor- the stuff is generally over 40% alcohol).  Take, for example, this wonderful elixir: Vietnamese snake wine.

Large jar of Vietnamese Snake wine

This large container was nearly 10L of potent magic supposed to increase the sexual prowess of a man. Vietnamese people prefer to use venomous snakes for this drink (the poison of the snake is made harmless by the alcohol) and the drink can be found easily throughout the country.  If snakes aren't your thing, you can try a variety of other creatures instead: bee wine, lizard wine, and seahorse wine to name a few.  Bottoms up!


  1. It's all true, snake win has some amazing things for my sex life. At least in dreams....:P

  2. That sure looks scary.

  3. I sure wouldn't wanna try that.. I'll just stick to my normal food and drinks.. :)


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